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Our goal is clear: To help you live fully, and freely, securing your future and ensuring your peace of mind.

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For us, our mission is greater than simply insurance. We are guiding Canadians like you to be aware of changing considerations as you navigate life’s biggest milestones. With over four decades of experience, we simplify complexities, provide insider understanding to make informed decisions, and guarantee security through each important milestone.

Darwyne K. Lang, Founder & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the company mission? How are you different?

Our mission is to disrupt and transform the insurance industry by championing a people-first approach. We strive to create a world where individuals can embrace every moment, unafraid of the future.

We do this by offering a range of personalized insurance products, including life and personal insurance, as well as group insurance solutions for communities. Guided by the visionary leadership of our CEO, Darwyne Lang, we are committed to making a positive impact on lives, one plan at a time. Our unwavering dedication to transparency, integrity, and social responsibility drives us to protect your journey towards “Living Fully Freely.”

What does “Living as Planned” mean?

“Living as Planned” isn’t just a name or tagline—it’s a commitment woven into the fabric of everything we do. It’s about building a legacy of trust, where you can feel secure and empowered, knowing that your future is at the heart of every step we take.

What does this mean for current clients? Do I still have the same insurance coverage?

For our valued existing customers, this transition means continuity and enhancement in your insurance coverage. Your current coverage remains intact, ensuring uninterrupted protection. Moreover, we’re continuously striving to improve our services and offerings to provide you with even better support and tailored solutions.

Have the current products and services changed?

While the core principles of “care” remain unchanged, we’re dedicated to refining and expanding our suite of products and services to better serve your evolving needs. We’re dedicated to being your lifelong partner, ensuring that your coverage evolves alongside your life’s significant moments. Our focus is providing reassurance that your insurance adapts as your needs do. We’re not just a company that checks in at renewal; we’re your steadfast companion, consistently ensuring that your coverage aligns with your life’s ever-evolving narrative.

What can clients expect to see in the coming months?

Early 2024, we are gearing up to bring clients an abundance of valuable resources and engagement opportunities. You can look forward to interactive live events where you’ll get to meet our team, gain insights, and build connections. Additionally, our new website will offer enhanced functionalities and user-friendly tools, ensuring you’re at the center of planning your life’s journey. Joining our email list means being at the forefront of industry changes and receiving exclusive updates, empowering you to navigate life’s path with confidence and clarity.

Stay tuned for more this year

We have some exciting plans for 2024, including a celebratory event and a brand-new website. If you’re an existing client, we will contact you soon with more information.

Trusted Canadian life insurance & financial guidance for living as planned.

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